Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quality of life improvements

This will be very boring to most all of you but, I am just so over the moon excited about our recent cloud based software integrations that I'm going to go ahead and bore you.  One of my most time consuming jobs each day has been to manually enter every customer order into our accounting/bookkeeping software.  In order for shipping to happen, I had to sit down and enter those orders so we could print shipping labels from that same software program.  This meant, on shipping days, I could be seen running all over the studio, pulling bags for our shipping manager, making straps for bags that needed them, entering orders into the database, creating shipping labels, snipping threads, keeping everyone else's production queues going, creating order slips for emailed orders, making adjustments to orders that changed their minds or had special instructions, cross referencing our main website orders (the bulk of our business) and our Etsy shop orders (a small portion of our business) with our bookkeeping database (where all orders live in our studio), making sure we had every bag that was ordered in stock and ready to ship, quickly trying to make any bags that were promised to ship but when pulled for shipment found they were not there and had to be made, etc. etc. etc.  It meant on shipping days, there was nothing else that could be done but shipping.  Very glamorous, I know.

Now, since we integrated amazing cloud programs like ShipStation and SoftCookies, all of those systems and databases talk to each other and automatically sync orders with our shipping carriers and our accounting software.  Which means I don't have to manually do all that data entry.  If you work with things like this on a daily basis then you can understand my joy and quality of life improvements that have just happened.  It took a long time to get these systems set up and working but, it was so worth it.  It turns out some of the nicest, most patient people in the world have worked to develop cloud based programs to help make running a business a little less stressful.   And, they'll work with teensy businesses like mine.  This frees up more time for cake and ice cream.  Which is basically mainly what we do here all day.

Oh, and also the photo above (which I took on my drive into the studio yesterday morning), that, too, has contributed to my overall quality of life.


  1. Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Isn't technology amazing when it's set up to suit your needs? I totally, completely understand how this would be exciting enough to merit a whole post for you. Yay, Wendy!

  2. Thanks, Sara! I know you can relate!

  3. Ah! Relief! Funny, isn't it? None of us start small businesses because we love doing boring, time-consuming office chores and yet....
    Glad to hear you've conquered it :)


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