Monday, September 23, 2013


I started doing yoga about three weeks ago. I want to avoid saying cliched phrases like, it changed my life..but, it certainly has helped me live. I have always been more inclined towards extreme cardio for exercise.  It has always been the best stress relief for me and the physical benefit made it easier to do the work that I do.  But, these last few weeks have presented more challenging emotions. Not stress, per se, extreme sadness is more like it.  I had a minor car accident on Saturday. No one was hurt...a fender bender, I guess.  It was pouring down rain, the car slid into the car in front of me, and so on. I'm sure I would have been more wound up about it had I not been spending the last few weeks focusing on, well, learning to focus... and thinking about all of the much bigger things around me. I lost my mother in law a week and a half ago.  We are all pretty devastated.  She was a major part of my life, and Parker's life and Jeremy's (obviously...his mum, they were very close).  She taught me how to be a friend and how I have refined my sense of family. Her death was not entirely expected so we were not mentally prepared...or, I suppose, once we knew it was not looking good, we did not know how to prepare.  How do you get ready for something like that?  I don't have an answer but, it was immensely hard and the amazing family I have around me helped me through (as, I hoped I helped them).  I don't want to go into too many details but, we're all kind up picking ourselves back up again.  It's a process and one that, (here comes the annoying cliche) yoga has helped me with.  Marlene worked with me at Moop for the last four years so, not only did my personal family suffer such a great loss, so did my Moop family (which is my personal family...jess, gena and drew all know how much they mean to me). I'll wrap up here with just a few hopes that you'll turn to the people who mean the world to you and let them know.  

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  1. Sending my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May the wonderful memories of your mother-in-law be a balm to your heart and ease your grief.


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