Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hello and Happy December!

We have had lots of snow in our woods and I love it!  We have also been sewing and sewing to keep up with all of the holiday orders!  We're so thrilled that all of you are gifting Moop this year (or, ahem...maybe gifting yourself. wink, wink).  There is still just barely enough time to get your order in if you're having your bag ship to the United States.  So, to encourage you not to wait until the veeery last minute, we're offering FREE US SHIPPING from now until Monday.  So, go on and get your order in and we'll ground ship it for free.

Use the code:  MOOPSHIP upon checkout at and UPS ground shipping will be on us.

Also, if you're in Pittsburgh, don't forget to come to our Holiday Pop Up SHOP!!!!  It's going to be so much fun! We've been screen printing up the walls, sewing bags like crazy, making fun gifts and decorating...we're really looking forward to seeing you there!!!

much love and many many many thanks,

Wendy & co.

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