Friday, January 31, 2014

The Super Moon and Mercury


Did you all see the super moon last night?
It was a little too overcast for us to see it at our house. 
But, we felt it.
January has been a frustrating month.  We blame the wolf moon that happened just after the turn of the year.  
Machines were breaking, it was super duper extra sub zero cold, our furnace broke in the studio resulting in two weeks of working in freezing cold temperatures, we couldn't get warm and end of year administrative work took over all of my creative energy which inevitably leaves me feeling out of balance, uninspired and feeling stuck.
But, as soon as that super moon started rising late yesterday afternoon, it was like all of that started to wisp away.  The heater was finally repaired and heat filled the studio, thawing out our frozen sad brains (and hands), reigniting the spark of happiness and motivation that lives in all of us, projects kicked into gear, things were made, ideas were followed up on and our hearts and minds were feeling good again.  
So, we're calling the end of January super moon a good luck moon.
Hope it is for you, too!
This photo was the hint of the super moon on its way.  I can see the sky while lying in my bed.  Early Tuesday morning, the moon and Mercury were the first thing I saw when I awoke.  I keep my camera and tripod nearby (i know...nerd) so, I grabbed it, stepped outside in my nightie in the *literally* negative 17 degree weather and grabbed a few shots, unknowing of the turning tide that was heading our way.
Hope you're off to a great weekend!

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