Friday, February 28, 2014

Clyde Box

Clyde is giant...we put him on the shipping scale and he weighs 16 pounds! 
Doesn't stop him from cramming himself into this box.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Good Morning, Saturday

Here's a Good Morning, Thursday to start your weekend. (I overslept and missed this mornings sunrise) Hope your weekend is full of adventures! xoxo  
p.s. I've been posting Good Morning sunrise photos to our Instagram...if you haven't been a part of the weekday ritual you should follow us here.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

snow fort campfires

First we built a fort. 
Then we built a campfire. 
Then we sat around inside with homemade mochas and told jokes. 
Have you heard the one about the polar bear? 
It's the only one I know.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

many snows

Good Morning, Tuesday! 
It has been snowing for four months here! I woke early, hiked through our piece of earth (the snow was taller than my tall boots ) and photographed our trees. Enjoy your day! I love where I live. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Art school, a love story...

Do you think art school was worthwhile?

Last weekend I was invited back to my alma mater to speak about this topic (this is an excerpt).

It is easy to feel discouraged as a newly minted art graduate.  Your degree feels worthless and will not help you get a job.  The thing no one tells you is, you will have to use your art degree to create your job and your job will be creating.  I firmly believe art school is a place to learn a broad range of skills and has helped me in everything I have taken on since.  Yes, it was frustrating and demoralizing at times and perhaps brings out the conflict of the best and the worst in people but, it is because most are doing the hard work of figuring out who they are.

During my time in art school, I studied sculpture and photography.  Two areas that for me were very intertwined.  And two fields I had no idea I would be using the way I currently am. 

I completed my undergraduate work in 2003 so, I’ve had a decade or so to reflect on this.  The art department where I attended school was a pretty bare bones operation.  There were no flashy facilities or state of the art equipment.  It was the kind of place that relied on people who wanted to make things.  People who wanted to learn and build a community and foster a creative practice.  It meant that if there was anything you wanted to do, you had to find a way to do it.  That drive is present in many places but, many are missing the key element - a support system to help you do it.  For me, it was the faculty and community where I did my undergraduate work.  While earning my BFA, I was a single parent, working my way through school and trying to find my life’s work.  I had experimented with many areas and ideas but, it was not until I found my way back into the art program, that I started to make sense of who I was and where I wanted to go.  I was lucky to have ended up in Tom’s sculpture studio and Peggy’s darkrooms.  These two places and people formed me into who I would become and who I am today.  The space they each gave me to experiment, to fail, to explore, to yell, to cry, to build, to tear down and to grow is like nothing I have ever experienced since.  

After graduate school, I had moved with my husband and daughter from Columbus, Ohio to western Massachusetts.  A place rich with beauty and history and an amazing landscape but, no jobs.  I was left completely on my own to figure out how I was going to make my way in the world, how we were going to pay rent, eat, keep the lights on.  During this time I channeled everything I had learned from art school.  There were two key things: work makes work and repetition.

Darkroom photography is a process of doing things over and over and over, obsessing about the tiniest of details.  Peggy taught me to see details, to see and understand the subtle things that make something great.  To obsess over those details to make your own greatness.  You are quite literally, manipulating molecules to make something magical.  This was very formative.  

When I am feeling frustrated or being lazy, I inevitably hear one of Tom’s many insightful phrases float up into the forefront of my thoughts.  One is, work makes work.  This is something I never understood until the work I was doing started to produce the work that was paying me.  Which made me very self aware that the work that was paying me never would have happened had the work I was doing, not been done.  So, I better keep working.  

Moop would never have existed had I not learned how to see the magic of molecules, or how to make something twenty times or twenty hundred times.  I learned to pay attention to tiny stitches. To pull them out and do them over. To specify 5/32 of an inch.  To adjust a proportion half an inch to not just get it right but, to get it perfect.  To write about what I had made.  To start a conversation about what I do and what you do and how we do it in order to build a community.  To care about the reasons why something exists, to love why it is made a certain way.  To commit to a lifestyle that will make you a better participant in the world at large.  No, I never learned how to do bookkeeping.  But, it didn’t matter, because I learned how to do things.  And, that translates into everything (including accounting). I might not have known right away how to run a business but, I learned by doing because that was the process I knew.  Understanding and learning that everything around you is made will make you better able to make things. anything.

The culture of art school exposed me to those who were living what they taught and empowered me to build what I have.

So, Moop began with, and is informed by, a foundation in art school.  And, it is with this acknowledgment and love for the experience that I want to remind you to take a moment to think about the life you have chosen and wish it a Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate Valentine's and everything we love, we've created a special bag that will help to fund a new project we're creating.  We're accepting pre-orders now to get things underway.  Without you, we could not do any of the things we do so, thanks for helping us build this crazy fun hard working life!  These will ship soon and will be perfect for your upcoming spring adventures.



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Moop Doodler

We recently added an exciting person to the Moop team - a Moop Doodler!  He's been drawing all sorts of fantastic fun things for the last few months.  He's been screen printing walls, illustrating newsletters, drawing all of our bags and overall adding more smiles to our day.  His name is Jesse and he's officially the Moop Doodler.  We've had several conversations over the last few weeks about whose job it is to do the daily Google drawings and then I saw this post on DesignSponge introducing her, the Google Doodler!  So, we can't claim ownership over coining the phrase but, that's surely what Jesse does here. There are lots of fun things that will come from of which is our February heart print!  Drawn and screen printed in our studio. All Moop orders shipping in February will get one in their box as a special thank you for helping us do what we love.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to do it!

Turn Your Creativity Into A CareerI receive emails all.the.time from people looking for business advice.  If it seems right, I’ll engage and share what I know.  But, more often than not the question is: how did you do it?  I rarely respond to this.  If you are asking that question it is because you think there is a quick answer - or even an answer at all.  But, more importantly, if you are asking that question, you will likely never do the thing you are hoping to do because you think there is an answer that will make you not have to do the work involved to accomplish the things you want to do. 

Sometimes people ask very specific questions.  That implies they have direction. Motivation, even.  To these, the motivated, there is now a comprehensive new resource to help answer lots of the logistical questions that come up when trying to learn how to run a business as you go.  Questions you did not even know you would think about until they’re right in front of you.  It has been organized by the talented team behind These Are Things.  It is a comprehensive HOW TO DO IT creative entrepreneurship guide.  A pretty invaluable resource.  I feel pretty excited to have contributed a few interviews to the publication.  You can purchase it by clicking here or y clicking the red box above.

Friday, February 7, 2014


A quick peek into Moop HQ - here's Gena working on some linings. 
Hope you're off to a super great weekend!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


It's been a while since I put myself in front of the camera...
so, here I am with my brown waxed canvas Porter

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I have a long commute into my studio each day. It's the trade off for choosing to live where I do and wanting to keep my amazing team in Pittsburgh.  I have come to love the time and the ritual of my drive.  On the way in, I listen to audio books (something I can learn from). On the way home I listen to podcasts (something to make me laugh...which I also learn from).  I always drive the scenic route, over the lake and through the woods.  This is an important part of my creative practice.  Scenes like this one are precisely the reason why I put myself into the western Pennsylvania landscape.  This is a frozen Lake Arthur on Monday at dusk.  The footprints are from the ice fishers...if you look closely, you'll see one lone fisherman standing in the middle of the lake. 
I love where I live.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Contributions to creative projects

We are really excited to have contributed to an excited new resource for artists and entrepreneurs. Written and edited by fellow creative business owners, Jen & Omar of These Are Things.  
It's set to be released very very soon.  
In the meantime, you can read a little bit about the project and Moop on Chris Guillebeau's blog.  
We'll keep you posted on the release.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ice Fishing

This afternoon we hiked around Lake Arthur to see the ice fishers.