Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I have a long commute into my studio each day. It's the trade off for choosing to live where I do and wanting to keep my amazing team in Pittsburgh.  I have come to love the time and the ritual of my drive.  On the way in, I listen to audio books (something I can learn from). On the way home I listen to podcasts (something to make me laugh...which I also learn from).  I always drive the scenic route, over the lake and through the woods.  This is an important part of my creative practice.  Scenes like this one are precisely the reason why I put myself into the western Pennsylvania landscape.  This is a frozen Lake Arthur on Monday at dusk.  The footprints are from the ice fishers...if you look closely, you'll see one lone fisherman standing in the middle of the lake. 
I love where I live.

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  1. I haven't seen your home, but it sounds beautiful! We live up in the mountains with a 40 minute commute down for work, groceries and most other amenities. Though I stay at home, my husband enjoys his commute. It's his quiet time to reflect on work, family, etc. I think we appreciate our little pocket where we can enjoy the outdoors and nature while still being a reasonable distance to the world.


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