Friday, March 28, 2014

Trade Union is TOMORROW!

I'll be looking for you tomorrow!  Come to Trade Union to shop for Moop bagsReiko CeramicsTugboat Prints and lots of other fantastic things...also, tacos, burgers, margaritas. It's going to be great.
From 11am-6pm at The Mine Factory: 201 N. Braddock Ave, 15208.
See you there!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lullatone + Patatap

I am a big fan on Lullatone so, I was excited to see this on The Fox is Black today. Spend some time when your day is through and play with it.  Click in the gray box, turn up your computer volume and press any key from A-Z and begin composing.  
You can read more about the process here

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Process and Events

We have had an exceptional response to the new Backpacks!!! THANK YOU!! 
We are sewing and sewing all of the new colors and should begin shipping them by Friday. I know it's a few days longer than anticipated please accept my apologies for the slight delay.

As most of you know, we make every Moop bag, start to finish, in our studio...which means we make every step of every bag beginning with cutting fabric from large bolts, stitching each individual piece, making all of the connector rings, leather tabs, attaching rivets and snaps, cutting, stitching, marking, correcting, snipping, packing...every single step is done in house, by us. As of today, it looks like the new Backpacks will begin shipping on Friday.  yay!

For those of you in Pittsburgh, please come see us at Trade Union this Saturday at The Mine Factory. We're setting up with Reiko Yamamoto Studio and can't wait to see our bags alongside Reiko's beautiful tableware.  Reiko's ceramics are all handcrafted in her home studio.  Her aesthetic is delicate and considered and modern and perfect.  I own a Reiko coffee cup and it receives preferential treatment in my house.  Hope to see you Saturday! Event details here.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gloria Steinem

This is what 80 looks like - an article about someone incredibly inspiring to me.  

A special edition color!

Hello! We've been dropping hints about a new Moop bag for the last few weeks and it's finally here!  And, in a very special limited edition color!  Any of you who know me would never pin me for a magenta backpack wearing soul...but, I came across just a small amount of this color and I fell instantly in love.  So, I made one for myself and then a bunch for you.
You can place an order for one now!
Hope you're off to a great weekend!!



Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trade Union

We are super excited to be part of the first Trade Union, held at The Mine Factory in Pittsburgh's East End.  We'll be there with a handful of talented makers of beautiful things. There will be food and beverages from BRGR, Round Corner, Blue Bottle Coffee and wares for sale from Stak Ceramics, Red Raven (jewelry and home goods), Mid-Atlantic Mercantile and a handful of other shops specializing in furniture, mens wear, vintage, a barber shop...a perfectly curated gathering of Pittsburgh makers.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 11am-6pm. 
See you there!
Find the facebook event page here.
And, a few more details here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Moop Day!

It's our birthday and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!  

Seven years ago, I started Moop in my living room.  What started as a studio practice of one has since grown into an artist driven studio practice of five, with a cat.  I never could have imagined how important the making of bags would be to me, to my assistants Drew, Gena, Jessica and Jesse and to each of you!  We love getting to intellectualize the process of making, experiencing and growing during our days of sewing durable canvas bags  (while also sharing a few cocktail recipes and cat photos along the way) and we wholeheartedly love knowing how something we, made completely, start to finish, in our studio...gets to play a tiny part in joining each of you on your daily adventures.  I don't have a glamorous life traveling the world and I imagine the majority of you are a lot like me...your daily life brings you happiness and craziness and fulfillment and heartache and elation and smiles and daydreams and the adventures you have are not too far from home.  I embrace that fully and want our bags to join you on your process of building an exciting life, whatever it may look like.

So, from the bottom of my daily adventuring heart: THANK YOU for carrying Moop while you do amazing things! It means the whole entire world to me!

Let's celebrate with a sale!
Use the code: HAPPYMOOPDAY for 10% off from now through March 11th.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Cocktails

Because our Sunday was feeling a bit too wholesome with all those books and wood stove warmth…we had to shake it up a little.  So, impromptu cocktail party!  If you’ve been following along, you know I have been obsessed with grapefruit this winter.  I have been juicing a whole grapefruit many mornings and it makes me feel like I am doing a ton to fight off the winter colds that have been going around…so far I have not been hit quite as hard as everyone else.  I credit the grapefruit (and exercise!).  And, if a glass each morning keeps me well, adding it to my cocktail only makes sense.  Another note - My favorite cocktails are made with either gin or vodka.  I prefer bourbon and rye straight up, with ice only.  And, tequila is a once in a while thing…usually only in the summer….hence all the vodka based cocktails.  Anyhow, the recipe!  Juice of half a grapefruit, juice of one clementine. add to cocktail shaker with three sprigs of parsely and muddle.  Add 2oz. vodka, fill with ice and shake a bunch (at least 31 times). strain into your favorite cocktail glass.  enjoy!

p.s. if you’re super wholesome (like my mom) and don’t want the booze, simply sub the vodka with seltzer.  This is what I do for Parker…this is one of her favorites.

p.p.s. I found these cocktail glasses at an antique store this weekend..route 19, north of Zeli all the way up to Mercer, has a great stash of antique stores! I’m slowly growing my cocktail glass collection.

winter heat

Last week we had a wood stove installed.  When we purchased our house last year and had it inspected we were told the chimney was unlined and thus not safe to burn fires in the fireplace.  So, we had planned, down the line, to have a wood stove installed, thinking it was a luxury we would save up for and when the time was right, put one in.  
This was our first winter in our house, which has oil heat.  We have since learned how expensive oil heat is and the wood stove we thought was a luxury, suddenly became the most cost effective way to heat our house.  We live rurally, gas heat is not available and installing a new electric furnace is expensive.  So, we moved the wood stove up on the list of things we would like to have at our house, called Black Knight Chimney (who I would recommend to anyone in the Pittsburgh metro area…they are fantastic!) and it was installed on Monday.  
We spent all last week learning how to season a new stove, how to light an efficient fire, how to get it to produce heat and how to move that heat through the house.  Our goal is to ultimately be able to heat our house entirely with the wood stove (which we have estimated should save us about $1500 next winter, paying for itself pretty quickly).  The house is an open floor plan and not very big so, we should be able to do so but, at the current moment, we are accepting that there is a learning curve before this will happen.  Today, we have finally reached a comfortable heat through the whole house without the use of the furnace.  So, this snowy March morning has become super cozy with a fire burning, magazines and books to read, music to listen to, cookies baking in the oven and no where to be but here.