Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Moop Day!

It's our birthday and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!  

Seven years ago, I started Moop in my living room.  What started as a studio practice of one has since grown into an artist driven studio practice of five, with a cat.  I never could have imagined how important the making of bags would be to me, to my assistants Drew, Gena, Jessica and Jesse and to each of you!  We love getting to intellectualize the process of making, experiencing and growing during our days of sewing durable canvas bags  (while also sharing a few cocktail recipes and cat photos along the way) and we wholeheartedly love knowing how something we, made completely, start to finish, in our studio...gets to play a tiny part in joining each of you on your daily adventures.  I don't have a glamorous life traveling the world and I imagine the majority of you are a lot like me...your daily life brings you happiness and craziness and fulfillment and heartache and elation and smiles and daydreams and the adventures you have are not too far from home.  I embrace that fully and want our bags to join you on your process of building an exciting life, whatever it may look like.

So, from the bottom of my daily adventuring heart: THANK YOU for carrying Moop while you do amazing things! It means the whole entire world to me!

Let's celebrate with a sale!
Use the code: HAPPYMOOPDAY for 10% off from now through March 11th.


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