Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Cocktails

Because our Sunday was feeling a bit too wholesome with all those books and wood stove warmth…we had to shake it up a little.  So, impromptu cocktail party!  If you’ve been following along, you know I have been obsessed with grapefruit this winter.  I have been juicing a whole grapefruit many mornings and it makes me feel like I am doing a ton to fight off the winter colds that have been going around…so far I have not been hit quite as hard as everyone else.  I credit the grapefruit (and exercise!).  And, if a glass each morning keeps me well, adding it to my cocktail only makes sense.  Another note - My favorite cocktails are made with either gin or vodka.  I prefer bourbon and rye straight up, with ice only.  And, tequila is a once in a while thing…usually only in the summer….hence all the vodka based cocktails.  Anyhow, the recipe!  Juice of half a grapefruit, juice of one clementine. add to cocktail shaker with three sprigs of parsely and muddle.  Add 2oz. vodka, fill with ice and shake a bunch (at least 31 times). strain into your favorite cocktail glass.  enjoy!

p.s. if you’re super wholesome (like my mom) and don’t want the booze, simply sub the vodka with seltzer.  This is what I do for Parker…this is one of her favorites.

p.p.s. I found these cocktail glasses at an antique store this weekend..route 19, north of Zeli all the way up to Mercer, has a great stash of antique stores! I’m slowly growing my cocktail glass collection.

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