Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Paperback and photos with friends

This month has been filled with a series of starts and stops.  But, I learned a lot in the process and worked on updating a few of our bags.  You all saw the new Backpack just a bit ago and this week we released the updated Paperback.  The redesign is subtle.  I was mainly working on solving a few production issues and in doing so, changed the front closure system.  I'm really happy with the outcome...I think you will be, too!  
Plus, here's a link to the Urbanist beach party last week!  If you scroll through the photos to #28, you'll see a cute one of me with my friends, Valerie (of Tugboat) and Reiko (of Reiko Ceramics) and my blue Paperback.
Anyhow, you can pick up one of the new Paperbacks here.  

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