Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Special Collaboration

We pride ourselves on our in house production process.  Each and every Moop bag is designed and manufactured, start to finish, in our Pittsburgh studio.  Our work ethic, philosophies on creative practice and building things from the ground up (products, businesses, lives..all of it..build it from scratch) are why we choose to work the way we do.  When Thread approached us and let us know about their idea to turn trash from Haiti into useful products and asked us to build bags with their fabric, we said, yes, of course.  Together we developed a durable fabric made from recycled plastic bottles collected in Haiti.  About 16 plastic bottles, collected at community recycling centers, are used to make a yard of fabric.
This Special Edition release of our Messenger no.1 and our Paperback utilize Thread’s fabric as the lining.  Thread purchases plastic bottles ready to be turned into other good things from a network of citizen owned recycling centers in Haiti.  These small businesses remove trash directly from the streets of Haiti and provide jobs and income to over 1,620 individuals.  These bags help make that happen.
We are excited to see where these Powered by Thread® bags go.  You can learn more about how Thread began, why they believe in fabric made from plastic bottles and see some photos from their collection centers by visiting their website: www.threadinternational.com.  We're happy to align ourselves with brands who share a similar ethos of sustainability, job creation and making things happen through hard work.

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