Friday, June 6, 2014

Stansberry Children's Home

My dear friend, Julie has devoted her life to service. We did our undergraduate work together at George Mason University (I've written about that experience here).  She and her husband left Northern Virginia to run a children's home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia about 9 years ago. I think they thought they might be there a year or so...instead, they have built their life and family around the things that mean the most to them. The children's home is having a fundraiser - they are always in need of financial support to keep their programs running. You can read more about their philosophy of co-living, farming, education and recovery through community here:
If you have it to spare, please consider donating to an incredible organization run by incredible individuals.

They're cycling from Santa Cruz to Sao Paolo, Brazil for the World Cup!
Wish I could have joined them for the ride. Instead, I donated.

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