Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yellow Beet Slaw

Feeling inspired by Chocolate and Zuccini’s instagram feed, I made a yellow beet slaw for lunch today.  Here’s what I did:
1 yellow beet, shredded on a grater
1 carrot, also shredded on a grater
1 bunch cilantro, chopped (I happened to have some early cilantro plants in our garden…felt lucky!)
Toss with your favorite vinaigrette.  Here’s how I do mine:
white wine vinegar
olive oil
dijon mustard
Pennsylvania pure maple syrup
Whisk in the bowl in which you plan to serve your slaw until the vinaigrette comes together and toss with your shredded vegetables.

I love this on its own or it would be amazing on a smoked pulled pork sandwich.  This will definitely be on the menu at our next dinner party.

p.s. the bowl was made by Reiko Yamamoto Studio and is one of my favorite things. 

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