Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Pittsburgh Glass Center

Jeremy Boyle / Travis Rohrbaugh :: 2014

Jeremy has work in the upcoming Pittsburgh Biennial.  It opens tomorrow at The Pittsburgh Glass Center.  He's been working with glass and water jets at TechShop and The Glass Center for the last 6 months in partnership with glass artist, Travis Rohrbaugh.  The resulting work was complex to produce, subtle in design and completely beautiful.  We will be at the opening tomorrow - I hope to see you there!  
Event details can be found here.
opening August 1, 6pm-9pm
Pittsburgh Glass Center, Hodge Gallery
5472 Penn Ave, PGH 15206

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday re-run

Here's that fantastic video Moosehead did about Moop.  Many of you have already seen it but, I can't believe this was almost two years ago - you should watch it again!  Not a whole lot has changed's still me and my fantastic team designing and manufacturing each and every Moop bag.  I love this video..hope you do, too!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

An audio interview

In February I wrote about the fantastic entrepreneurial resource put together by Jen & Omar from These Are Things and Chris Guillebeau from The Unconventional Guides - I contributed an audio and a text interview to the companion and Chris just released the audio file of my interview.  If you want to hear me talk at length about how I started Moop, why I value process and how an art practice informs what I do then download this to your itunes library and listen to it on your drive somewhere.  It's about an hour and the audio begins a little jumpy but, comes together fine (it was recorded via a Skype interview).  And, if you love it, you should consider purchasing the guide.  I purchased my copy a few months ago and spent a week listening to every interview and reading the guidebook from start to finish.  If you have little to no experience and want to start a business, this is a super great resource.  If you think you have a lot of experience, you will likely still learn a lot from this publication.  I am always looking to learn from those around me, never believing I have all the answers.  We all come to conclusions via a collection of daily experiences - ones that involve our relationship to the world around us which in turn, forms who we are.  There is much to be learned every day so, keep yourself open to it. 
You can purchase Designed to Sell, here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Some Begins

Dear Pittsburgh, 
Tonight I will be at 707 Gallery to celebrate the opening of my sis-in-law, Jamie Boyle's, new exhibition, Some Begins. She and Meg Shevenock, long time collaborators, are showing their newest body of work. It will be beautiful. You can read their statement here.
My favorite line: Say it with today on the bus i sat next to eternity and it was very kind and it saved me a window seat.
Hope to see you there! Also, stick around for The Night Market where you can pick up wares from the likes of Tugboat Printshop and Reiko Yamamoto Studio. It’s a beautiful day for wandering around the streets of downtown Pittsburgh.
See you there!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


This has been the summer of my dreams.  For the first time in many years, we took our first real vacation.  One that did not involve work or presenting at a conference or meeting with suppliers or installing a show or having a pop up shop.  One that allowed us to hang out on the beach, drink daiquiri's by the sea, eat oysters prepared every imaginable way, paddleboard to a tidal island, wake up early to wander the beach looking for shells, read books in the sand and jump on hotel beds.  Only to return home to gorgeous weather perfect for canoe trips around our favorite lake.  Our garden is flourishing, our chickens are growing, we have several building projects underway and our new summer bag has accompanied me everywhere - The Shopper no.1- I'm currently carrying one in natural and one in gray.  Things are good.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Shopper no.1

HELLO!  We just released a new summer bag!
The Shopper no.1available in five colors, including one made with recycled plastic soda bottles.  We’ve been taking this with us everywhere.  It’s a large, no nonsense bag good for a variety of things…especially summer beach trips, poolside hangouts and weekend car travels.  
We’re taking this to summer parties and sunshine this weekend, hope you are, too!   Enjoy these great days!
Wendy & co.