Saturday, November 8, 2014


Have you been reading this amazing new series of articles in The Atlantic?  It's called American Futures, it is written by James Fallows, Deb Fallows and James Tierney.  Their focus is cities across The US who are rebuilding in interesting ways.  They've written about Burlington, VT (a city I love), Columbus, OH (the city I went to grad school in), a few other places and now Pittsburgh, the city I live and work in!  Even better, we are mentioned in the most recent article with one of our fabric partners, Thread (they make our recycled fabric).  There's more to come but, in the meantime, those are definitely my arms in that last photo, and bags we made in our studio...using my arms...and Gena's and Jess's, too.  And, well, my arms and Moop bags in The Atlantic is pretty rad.

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