Monday, December 8, 2014

Moop just got prettier + some news

Good Morning, Monday!  I spent all of yesterday working on a much needed update to our website imagery. You know the feeling when you need to reconnect things back to their origins?  I had let the representation of what I do with my days slide too far away from my studio.  So, I scheduled a last minute photoshoot in our new space and it turned out exactly how I wanted. 
The last many months have brought an overwhelming amount of change.  All change that will lead to positive things but still, quite a lot to balance.  Sunday’s photoshoot was a reminder that good creative energy comes when you let yourself be aware of it, responding to it when it shows itself. I wasn’t planning on writing an emotional email this morning but, as you all know, Moop is not just a business for me, it is what shapes and influences my entire life.  And, when I have a lot going on, it’s hard for me to shelter one from the other. So, a quick rundown: My amazing incredible husband and I have decided to split up. This has been difficult and emotional but, ultimately a mutual decision that we both know will be better for all of us. We care for each other deeply, but it’s where we need to go to reach whatever the next stage of our lives are. At the same time, my lead assistant of three years left Moop for another job.  I am super happy for her, but that news paired with the studio move and the start of our holiday production season has made things more than a little crazy around here.  I am also in the process of moving to a new house with my daughter, back in the city and closer to my studio (eek! It’s super cute!)..that happens next Tuesday. This will eliminate a 3 hour daily commute, but until then, moving is tiring and consuming…especially for me at this moment in time.  No biggie, though, we'll just sling a few mattresses on the floor and live out of suitcases until mid-January. Oh, and also! we’ve had such amazing press over the last few months…that combined with your incredible support means our holiday production is in full swing as we head into our most successful holiday season to date.

So, we really are sewing and sewing and sewing, working as hard as we can!  But, all of this…this beautiful mess of change and evolution and forward movement is all good…really good.   I guess this might have been better suited to a “2015 is going to be awesome” email but, I felt the need to share this now instead.  I can’t thank you all enough for your support - you’ve helped me build a small business that will be here for a long long time.  We have lots of big and exciting things planned for 2015… I cannot wait to share with you, but I really can’t cram anything more into this long message.
Many many many thanks and a million hugs and kisses and tons and tons of Moop bags,
p.s. Click through to see the new site!

p.s. Our holiday turnaround time is closer to 5-7 days now so, our previously published deadlines may not apply...get your orders in as early as you can and we're gonna be making as many  bags as we can to get them to you in time for holiday delivery.


  1. I'm just catching up with your blog and what's new with you and your business. I am very surprised there are no comments under this particular post. I'm not much of a commenter, but after this post I just wanted to wish you the best. Your post is so upbeat but I can't imagine dealing with all this while at the beginning of a huge holiday rush. I'm sure your business and your daughter bring you so much joy. How wonderful you bought your own home and very close to your business. Your life will be very different- for the better- without that commute, too. Much luck from an admiring fan of woman who has not only built a business but has built a life on her own terms. Go gettem'!

  2. Wendy, I have been following your business for many years. I, too, went through a divorce and it made my life what it is today. I am living my dream running my gallery in Shelburne Fals MA. I admire your drive, guts, talent and love for your family. I've seen you through many a studio, location, house and bag designs. You, my friend know howt to roll with the punches. Good luck with your ever changing business, it's growing and thriving. I've loved watching you change and adapt to what your business and life needs. It's kind of like raising a child, no one can tell you how to do it, you just have to do it. Remember to breathe. Come see me sometime if you're back in the birthplace of MOOP (aka easthampton!)


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